• Scrapbooking Kit

    Craft Activities

    Our Craft Activities Collection contains everything they need for hours of festive fun. Whether they choose to go on a crafty adventure with the craft DIY activities, create origami masterpieces, or let their creativity flow with kids scrapbooking crafts, our collection guarantees a unique experience every time! With holiday fun around every corner, it's time to get crafting!

    Craft Activities 
  • Handmade Cards and Tags

    These one-of-a-kind handmade cards Australia and tags will add the perfect personal touch to any gift! Each custom handmade cards and tag are carefully crafted with love and care, making sure it's a truly unique piece your recipient will cherish forever. Show someone special just how special they really are!

    Handmade Cards and Tags Collection 
  • Paper Balloons

    Party Planning and Accessories

    Let your party come alive with our Party Decorations! Add a touch of fun with colorful scatters, delightfully decorative buntings, creative photo props, party favours and origami art. Our toppers are perfect for the cake centerpiece to make your festivities unforgettable. Let the fun begin!

    Party Collection 
  • Paper Pigs

    Scrapbooking Supplies

    Unleash your creativity with our wide range of scrapbooking supplies. Get ready to bring your memories to life. Create with our origami folds and let your imagination run wild. Add a touch of whimsy to your next party with our unique animal die-cuts and eye-catching party confetti.

    Scrapbooking Supplies Collection 
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Susie Owner of Cards and Crafts by Susie

About Susie

I’m a Muma of 3 gorgeous children and I love bringing them up to be kind and well-mannered human beans with good morals. My husband works long hours most of the time I am flying solo at home, but I treasure our family time together whether we are having family days out or just relaxing on the couch all together watching a movie. When the kids have all gone to bed and I’m not making handmade cards or working on my business you will find me snuggled up on the couch watching Netflix!

My Story

Kids Craft Kits

Who knew crafting could be so fun? Our Kids Craft Kits pack a punch with a delicious variety of DIY crafts tailored to make your holiday season extra special - whether it's Christmas, Easter or your Birthday! Each craft box contains things to make, fun kids craft, and craft activities that will spark your imagination and bring endless joy. Let the crafting begin.
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  • Baby Safety Pin Handmade Cards Australia

    Exquisite Card


    This handmade cards is exquisite in every way. Such a clever idea - perfect execution. I wish I had ordered another.

    Baby Pin Card 
  • So Beautiful


    This advent calendar is so beautiful!! There is so much warmth and detail, and it's really lovingly put together. My little one was so excited to open it and start the activities. Thank you for creating something so special Susie, we love it!

    Advent Calendar Box 
  • Easter Activity Box

    Best Activity Box


    This was THE Best activity box for my girls over Easter. They absolutely loved the different activities in it, and the cup cake recipe was sooooo good. It was beautifully packaged, and put together. Well done Susie, and thankyou.

    Easter Activity Box 
  • Large Activity Box

    Kids Activity Box


    Absolutely amazing! So very well done, in every way you could think. I love how all important ingredient recipes and instructions are laminated! Definitely worth every cent.

    Kids Activity Box 
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  • Why buy Australian Handmade?

    Buying handmade has many benefits including the following:

    • Handmade products are more environmentally friendly.
    • Handmade items are made to last.
    • Handmade goods are designed and produced with a higher quality.
    • Handmade is about each maker’s ability, technological genius, and the enchantment of a single person’s imagination.
    • Buying Australian handmade products supports local craft industries and people.
    • Purchasing handmade products helps to keep craft skills alive
  • Benefits of Purchasing with Susie

    • All products are Australian Handmade by me with love, care and attention to detail.
    • All my products are unique and can not be purchased in a shop.
      I use the highest quality supplies for all my products.
    • I pride myself on my quality customer service
    • I offer custom made and personalised options and will work with you to ensure you receive exactly what you need.
    • I am working towards sustainably produced packaging for all my products.
  • Mission Statement

    At Cards and Crafts by Susie, our mission is to inspire creativity and celebrate meaningful connections through thoughtfully crafted and personalised creations. We are dedicated to providing a diverse range of high-quality, handmade cards and crafts that evoke joy, express love, and commemorate life's special moments.
    Committed to excellence, we strive to foster a community of individuals who appreciate the art of handmade treasures and cherish the beauty of heartfelt gestures. Our passion lies in bringing smiles to faces, one uniquely crafted creation at a time.

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  • Mr and Mrs Wedding Handmade Cards Australia

    Attending a Wedding?

    Let your love shine with these uniquely humorous, handmade cards from the Everything Love Collection! From fruit puns to LGBTIQA love cards and kids Crafts, we've got you covered for any romantic occasion. Give your special someone the gift of a laugh with our one-of-a-kind handmade cards Australia! Perfect for weddings, anniversaries and Valentines Day - you can't go wrong! Let's get punny and spread the love!

    Shop Wedding and Engagement 
  • Scrapbook rainbow balloons

    Planning a Party?

    Let your party come alive with our Party Decorations! Add a touch of fun with colorful confetti designs, delightfully decorative buntings, creative photo props, party favours and origami art. Our toppers are perfect for the cake centerpiece to make your festivities unforgettable. Let the fun begin!

    Shop Party Decorations 
  • Floating Balloons Birthday Handmade Cards Australia

    Going to a Birthday Party?

    Whether the special somebody in your life like's a glass of wine every now and again, figures themself to be a bit of a handyman or there's a little princess or prince in your world. Chances are we have a birthday handmade cards or tag for you to make their birthday special. Shop our handmade cards Australia today.

    Shop Birthday Handmade Cards 
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Father's Day Cards and Gifts

Say 'Happy Fathers Day!' to all the amazing Dads out there with our collection of Fathers Day gifts featuring the best of all Dad-dom! From 'Beard Loving Dads' to 'Camping Dads' and 'Fishing Dads' -we've got you covered! Plus, we've got 'Handyman Dads' and 'Kids Fathers Day Crafts' to help you express your love in the most unique way. And don't forget the 'Beer Dads'! All handmade with love- because they deserve it!

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If you have any questions or would like a custom order, contact Susie today by filling in the form below: