10 Kids Activities to keep your children occupied

10 Kids Activities to keep your children occupied

Susie Hollitt

Hey there,

Have you been going as crazy as I have been going, having the kids home all the time? And throughout the holidays, not being able to go out, or see friends and being holiday’s the kids don’t want to even go to bed so you aren’t even getting the night time to yourself you know that sacred time when the kids go to bed and you pour yourself a glass of wine (if you haven’t started already, no judgment) and you get to relax really relax for the first time without all the “mum, do this with me” or “mum can I do this”? So I don’t know about you but I’m really missing that time of the day so I put together 10 crafty things you can do with your children or for your children to do by themselves to keep them occupied at this crazy time.

1. Play dough




An oldy but a goody, play dough is the best time waster if you have young children. So easy to make, they can help you make it too, I have never known any child that doesn’t like adding ingredients and stirring the bowl. Then set them up on a mat with some cutters and they will be occupied for hours.

2. Rainbow Crafts


There are so many good rainbow activities on this site but I love this one because its so easy to put together, you cut out a cardboard rainbow and place different coloured scrap pieces of paper in bowls, give them some glue and let them go nuts making their very own rainbow. Perfect for a rainy-day activity.

3. Egg Cartoon Crafts

 This activity is not for those of your children with egg allergies, but for those who don’t this is a great site for little egg carton crafts for your children to do. I love the cute little ladybug!!

4. Recycled Bottle Planters


Aren’t these little planter pots just adorable?

5. Fluffy Slime

I got to love to hate slime, my girls love it so so much but when they were younger they use to get it everywhere so this activity needs to be supervised all the time, I mean never take your eyes off them when they are playing with it.

6. Kids Wall Art

These are cool and so easy for your little one to do, just canvas, masking tape and paint. They would make perfect home décor.

7. Stress Balls

Perfect for this part of the year, get your kids to make stress balls for you.

8. Snail Art

These are so cute and easy, and you could easily make any animal with paper plates.

9. Pipe Cleaner Animlas

You can make so many things with pipe cleaners, here are just a few ideas.

10. Watermelon Rocks

Put your hand up if you ever made a pet rock growing up? I know I did, and I loved making them, so your kids are no different, watch them have fun collecting rocks and making them into funny little characters.

So next time the kids are complaining about being bored or you just need some peace and quiet, pull up this blog and I hope you can find something to keep your little ones occupied.

Bye for now

Susie  xx


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