How to make a miss you card

How to Make a Miss You Card

Susie Hollitt

Hey there,

Today I’m going to show you how to make my most popular card at the moment. A Miss You Card. I think you can all tell why it is my popular card with so many people missing there nearest and dearest at the moment. So I would still love you to buy this card from me but if you can't afford it, or want to have a go yourself I completely understand.

 Missing You Card Tutorial

You can find a whole blog I did on how to make the mini envelopes on this card here.

   instruction to make the mini envelopes

These are the supplies you will need:

  • You mini envelope you have just made
  • White cardstock 10.4cm by 14.5cm (I use premade cards most of the time) I also cut two pieces of card slightly smaller, one for the card face and one for the insert of the card.
  • A little heart hole punch. (I found mine at Kmart but any craft or cheap shop should have one).
  • Missing you stamp. (If you don’t have one of these, you could even just write ‘missing you’).
  • Black ink
  • Glue stick


how to create the miss you handmade card


  1. Collect your supplies.
  1. On your card face, place and stick your envelope at an angle down the bottom of the card shown here.


miss you card
  1. Then stamp or write missing you next to the envelope.
  1. Next sprinkle the hearts going up from the envelope to the opposite corner of the card then stick them on with a glue stick. (Full discloser I actually place each one of the hearts in exactly the same position each time I make a card so I can get it as near to the card you see on my website as possible) so I never sprinkle the hearts on but for this purpose we can just sprinkle the hearts on.

  missing you card


  1. Now all you have to do is stick the inside of the card down and your done and its all ready to be sent.

Note. You could really use any colour love hearts you want with this card so have fun with it. 

missing you handmade card


I'm sure whoever you are sending this card too will appreciate that you have taken the time and effort to hand make them a card.

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial.

Bye for now.

Susie xx



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