How to make an origami envelope

How to Make an Origami Envelope

Susie Hollitt

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

Hey there,

Yes I am writing this on Valentine’s Day sitting by myself with a platter, (my platter is courtesy of DSS Handmade) a wine and while watching Netflix multi-tasking at it’s finest lol.

I like to spend Valentine’s Day with my husband and for once he isn’t working away at the moment but right now he is still at work and working super long hours so won’t get home till late, so for now its just me the computer a platter and some wine. We are also not big on giving each other expensive gifts for Valentine's Day, so this year I thought I would make these origami envelopes with love notes inside and put in random places that he will see ie. In his lunch box (to embarrass him at work) or on his pillow or even stuck to his beer in the fridge (he will definitely see it there lol).

Here are some of the places I put my husbands love notes

Here are the instructions if you want to make some origami envelopes for your special someone.

Origami Envelope Instructions

  • 6cm by 6cm square paper (I used scrapbooking paper, but any paper will do).
  • Find the middle of the paper and make a small dot.
  • Turn the paper diagonal.
  • Fold the corners into the middle.
  • Fold the little top corner down.
  • Glue the sides down.
  • Fold the top under.
  • Fold the top of the envelope down.
  • Punch or cut out a heart out and stick it to the flap.
  • Write a little note and put it inside.


I’m sure you can think of some reasons why you love your respective other but if you can’t here are a few suggestions, 

use as many or as few as you like. :)

I love you because….
  • You love me
  • You make me smile
  • You make me happy
  • You know me better than I know myself
  • You make my problems go away
  • You inspire me
  • You are a great father
  • You are kind and gentle when you need to be
  • You think I’m beautiful
  • You care about me

So there you have how to make an origami envelope and if you can't or don't have the time to make them yourself I have taken all the hard work out for you to purchase them from my Website plain or personalised options are available. 

I think these would make a super cute anniversary gift or a little note from the tooth fairy don't you think?

PS. My husband really did enjoy receiving these mini love notes today!

So whatever your doing today I hope you had a beautiful night.

Bye for now

Susie xx

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