10 diy easter crafts

10 DIY Easter Crafts

Susie Hollitt

Hey there,

With more and more of us staying at home this Easter I wanted to put together a list of 10 Easter crafts you can do at home with your children to bring a bit of Easter cheer to your household, including all the instructions on how to make your very own Easter bunting.

1. Easter Props - Make some super easy Easter props with whatever you have lying around at home and have a silly photo shot with your kids.

Easter props

2. Easter Cupcakes - Make some Easter cupcakes for Easter, get the kids to help, there is so many different options you can choose to decorate them, be creative or let the kids go wild.

3. Easter Colouring - Print out some colouring sheets for the children to colouring in their down time maybe in the afternoon when they need a bit of a rest.

Easter Colouring Printable


4. Easter Card - If you can’t see your family and friends this year, why not make them a special card or tag to go with their gift.


Easter Bunny Card


5. Easter Craft - Find an easy Easter craft to do with the kids, again there’s many many out there all you have to do is type in kids Easter crafts into the Pinterest or Google search bar and you will get thousands of results.

6. Easter Play Dough - Make some Easter coloured play dough, you could make this a few days before Easter just to have on hand if you need something extra to keep the kids occupied over Easter.

Homemade Playdough Recipe


7. Easter Game - Play a game, there’s all sorts Easter games out there but my favourite has to be Easter bingo, you could get the whole family involved.

Easter Bingo

8. Easter Egg Hunt - Go on an Easter egg hunt, a favourite around young children.

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

9. Easter Scrapbooking - After Easter you can record the day with some Easter scrapbooking just put together some paper glue, different bits and bobs with your silly Easter photos and the children will have hours of fun making a Easter memory scrapbook that they can look at for years to come.

10. Easter Banner - The last one is to make a Easter Banner which I’m going to give you the instructions for in this post.

I love Easter time and all the beautiful Easter decorations that come out. I especially like the pastel colours. Now we live in Australia so Easter is in Autumn but that doesn’t stop me from decorating our house in pastel spring colours. Over the last couple of years, I have really gotten into decorating my house for Easter. Some of the things I have used are Easter frames with some cute Easter prints in them, some cute grass and ceramic Easter Bunnies that I picked up from Kmart. In my lounge room I made this gorgeous Easter bunny bunting with just scraps of cardstock paper.  I had lying around but also wanting to stick to my pastel theme.

Click here to download your PDF bunny template.

Follow the Directions below to Create your own Easter Banner.

Gather all your materials, you will need:

    • Your PDF bunny template
    • Enough paper or cardstock to make 12 to 15 little bunnies
    • A hole punch
    • Some jute or string or even wool to hang it up with.
  1. Cut around your template and then trace around it 15 times on your paper or cardstock, depending on how long you want your bunting to be.
  2. Cut out your bunnies
  3. Punch a hole in either side of the bunny’s head, line it up each time with the previous bunny so you get the holes in the same place. (you can do this a few at a time depending on how many your hole punch can take at a time).
  4. Thread whatever you are using to hang your bunnies up through the holes in the bunnies from front to back. Thread all your bunnies on don’t worry about spacing them out that comes next.
  5. Now hang your bunting up and space the bunnies out to your preferred spacing and you’re done.

Option: You can choose to decorate your bunnies before you put them up if you would like, maybe with a little cotton ball for a cute little tale or you could draw a little face on each of your bunnies to give them some character, but I like to leave them just as they are.

This Activity is also part of my Easter Box that I have put together for children to do over the Easter break. Or click here to buy the whole Easter Banner Kit separately with all the bunnies already cut out and the holes already in them along with some jute so all you have to do is hang it up.

Whichever you choose I’m sure it will look super cute and I would love to see how you have displayed your bunny buntings in your house so make sure you send me your pictures in the comments.

From Our Family to Yours We hope you have a very Happy Easter!

Bye for now



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