Mother's day gifts

Mother's Day Gifts

Susan Hollitt

Mother's Day Gifts

'from the shop'.

Being a Mum myself i am probably a little bias, but aren't Mum's just wonderful? There're warm and cuddly, give you the right advice just when you need it and love you unconditionally.
(Disclaimer: Now I know not all Mum's are like this and if you weren't blessed with a Mum like this I am truly sorry.)
If you do have awesome Mum like I do then she deserves a beautiful heartfelt handmade card or maybe a bunch of gifts so here are just some gifts for Mum that I'm sure she will love.
Here I am with my lovely children!
Susies Family

Mother’s Day Box 

This Mother's Day box is jammed pack full of Mother's Day Activities and DIY gifts for your child to make activities by themselves or with Dad's help. 
The Activity Box is ideal for ages 5 and up and contains 10 activities including:
⭐ DIY pop stick photo frame
⭐ Things I know about my Mummy sheet 
⭐ DIY Muffin tag, recipe, patty pans and DIY basket
⭐ Peppermint foot scrub recipe, jar and DIY label 
⭐ Wooden spoon, DIY tag, paint paintbrush and pancake recipe 
⭐ A craft kit to make a bunch of flowers with DIY tag
⭐ A crown for Mum and gems to decorate it with
⭐ DIY coupon booklet 
⭐ Gift bag to decorate 
⭐ DIY Mother's Day Card 

Mother-in-law Mother's Day Card

Isn't this card funny? Now I have been married for 14 years and I still organise my Mother in-laws Mother's day card and gift! One year we gave her this card, she thought it was so funny, little did she know it was completely true! 😂

You are Wonderful Card

You are wonderful card
This card is simple but powerful, let your Mum know she is simply wonderful. 

Wine Glass Tags

wine gift tag
Perfect for the mum who likes a glass or bottle of wine!!
These are just a few of my favourite cards, there are heaps more available in my Mother's Day Gifts Collection to choose from and if you can't find something. I can always make you a one-of-a-kind card that she will love.
Bye for now
Susie xx
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